Angelus Acrylic Leather Paints

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Angelus acrylic paints can be used to seal Biothane cut ends or to decorate Biothane. We offer them here with suggested corresponding Biothane colours (in brackets).  Whilst every effort has been made to match the colours to the Biothane colours based on user and supplier suggestions we cannot guarantee an exact match.  They can also be mixed to create your desired colour. Currently in 1oz bottles.

Matte 4-Coat clear urethane sealer is also available, in 4oz bottles.   The sealer is scratch resistant and great as a top coat on your paint designs.

Suggested use is two coats of matching paint colour or a single coat with Matte 4 Coat sealer as the second coat. Each pot contains its own brush or you can use any fine paintbrush.

This product is new to Delta Canine so if you don't see colours you are looking for, get in touch and we will include it in our next order.

For advice on how to use the paints head on over to our Blog here.

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