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Rex Specs Dog Goggles and Accessories

Rex Specs V2 Dog Goggles provide durable, dependable eye protection for dogs.

All lenses are impact-resistant, rated UV400 (blocks 99% UVA/UVB), and easy to replace. Ample ventilation allows for maximum airflow and quick draining for use in or around water. The spherical lens design offers an excellent field of view, and the strap system is
customizable and creates a secure fit while allowing a full range of motion.
Whether a dog deploys from helicopters, flushes birds or enjoys sunny afternoon walks Rex Specs V2 has got the dog covered.

Each goggle comes with 1 clear and 1 smoke lens. Other replacement lens options are
available for purchase

Fit tips:

  • Rex Specs should fit snug to the dog’s face with no gaps between the goggle frame and head
  • If on the cusp of a size, choose the larger size.
  • Customised fit adjustments can be made through the tri-glide chin strap and head strap
  • The dog’s eyes should align with the centre of the goggle (if eyes are toward the top, the goggle needs to be moved further up the snout)
  • Strap extenders are available upon request, which can add an additional 3-4 inches to the head strap if needed
  • We try not to recommend sizes based on breed since there can be a lot of variance from dog to dog, though there is a search by breed on our Size Guide that can be used for general reference.
  • Rex Specs require at least 5cm of nose to stay in place. Dogs with short noses (ie. Boston Terriers, Pugs, etc) will have a hard time finding a good fit. We do offer a Small Wide goggle that requires only 1” of nose, but proper fit can still be hard to find for these breeds.  The small wide will need to be ordered by us, so please contact us at if you feel you need this size.
  • We typically recommend waiting until a dog is about 6-8 months old to introduce the Specs. Waiting gives a better idea of what size they will be fully grown, and the extra time also allows for the dog to learn basic obedience skills that can help with the success of wearing the goggles.

We can swap sizes as long as the box and goggles are in resellable condition, so please be mindful of this when opening the packaging.

We have some great training videos from Rex Specs in our blog here.

Food training works well, and often the best way to train with goggles is to take your dog out for their favourite activity. Walking with a leash is a great training tool as well, as the leash allows you to correct any pawing or rubbing.  Start slowly, as you would with any other training exercise.

Just remember to make the goggles fun, and exciting - positive association goes a long way.
1) Try feeding your dog breakfast and dinner with the goggles on
2) What does your dog like to do the most? Fetch? Running? Biking? Get them doing their favourite activities with the goggle on, and often they forget they have them on. If they are food motivated, work on some tricks inside the house while wearing the goggles
3) Does your dog like to hang their head out the window? Try putting them on and going for a drive.
4) Leashed walks are a great training tool for correcting your pup when they are trying to paw off the goggles.

5) Try the goggles on without the lens to start with and treat feed while on.  A few minutes at a time to begin with, then move to longer periods and then move to having the lens in.


All Rex Specs lenses are made of 100% polycarbonate. They are durable, flexible and provide the necessary UVA/UVB protection. However, they will scratch with tough wear. Some of our lenses show wear and tear less than others. The clear and smoke lenses show the least amount of wear, and the mirror-coated lenses (original Rex Specs)  will show the scratches more easily. Dogs are not bothered by scratches and disturbances on the lens like we would be, they actually have quite poor short-range vision and see right past minor scratches and disturbances on the lens. So, go ahead and let them use the lenses to the fullest! Should you need new lenses, you can always have replacement lenses available.

Dogs are going to be hard on these lenses, so we recommend to start training your dog to wear the goggle without any lenses. This will help protect the lenses from the dog’s initial natural reaction to paw at the goggles and rub their head into the ground. Once your dog is used to wearing the frame, move to the clear lens and then to the tinted lens. 

As always, we are here to help you, so if you need it just give us a shout via email or our contact page.

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