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BioThane coated webbing for all webbing related manufacturing or leather alternatives.


BioThane® is the brand name of all coated webbing products made by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp, USA. It’s a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof, easy to clean and weldable.

BioThane® is more durable, cleanable, stronger and easier to maintain than leather. It is also readily available in different colours, coatings, profiles and widths.

BioThane® is ISO 9001:2015 registered for the design and manufacturing of narrow coated webbing.  

BioThane is great for equine and canine products. Anything where you need a coated webbing or leather alternative. 

  • Cleans easily,
  • Dries quickly,
  • Stays supple without any care.
  • Colours will not run
  • Available in multiple thicknesses, widths, coatings and colours.
  • Prices are per lineal meter.
  • BETA coating has the look and feel of leather
  • TRANSLUCENT coating is bright and shiny with a tough outer coating. UV resistant.

If you anticipate making repeat orders or using larger volumes, it may be more cost-effective to purchase Biothane by the roll. Rolls are 30m in length, except for Supergrip rolls, which are 15m per roll. Please reach out to us to access the by-the-roll page, and we will provide you with a password.

Please note!
* All Biothane Beta product photos shown are digital representations and may vary depending on your screen type from actual coating colour.  Sample packs are available to purchase for more accurate colour comparison

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