Can my dog chew through Biothane?

Yes!  Biothane is very strong in terms of the weight it can take before breaking but any lead, no matter the material (unless it is made of chain or similar) can be chewed through. We don't recommend leaving your leads, collars, harnesses or longlines where they can be chewed and even if they were chain leads we don't recommend leaving an animal unattended as chewing a chain will damage their teeth.  Best practice is to hang the items up or put them away where they can't be reached.  Chewed Biothane products will not be covered under normal use or refunds for Consumer Guarantees Act purposes.

Does Biothane hurt the animals?

Not any more than leather! As long as you size the end product correctly it should never hurt your animal.

Will it smell if the animal gets wet?

No, BioThane® is stinkproof.

How long will it last?

Under normal use, BioThane® will long outlast leather and nylon.  Occasionally Biothane collars can stiffen over time which is the result of oils from the dog's coat or topical flea/tick treatment products.  We recommended cleaning your collars once a week with soapy water to reduce the affect of the oils on the Biothane but any of the products will benefit from a once a week clean especially if using them in salt water.

Will the colour fade?

The opaque colours tend to hold colour significantly longer than the fluorescent colours. In general, the deeper the shade of the hue, the longer it will last.

Will it still work in cold weather?

Yes. BioThane remains flexible and durable in cold weather.

Does it get sticky or tacky?

Under normal use it will not get sticky or tacky. It can get sticky or tacky if it is exposed to certain chemicals like DEET.

Will the material cause hot spots?

The material will only cause hot spots if the animal is not fitted properly with the correct size product.

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