Sustainability at Delta Canine

Here at Delta Canine we are very conscious of our need to reduce our impact on the environment and provide healthy products to use with our dogs.

Some of the things we do to lessen our impact are:

  • We reuse and recycle as much packaging as possible from our suppliers so don't be surprised if you see other branded boxes and materials being used to package your items.  This reduces waste.
  • We look for and source toys and products made from recycled or biodegradable materials wherever possible although for some lines this is not always achievable if we are looking for longevity.
  • Our Biothane products are designed to be long-lasting compared with cheaper pet store products so they don't have to be replaced as often.
  • Many of our products are made to order, reducing the number of materials needing to be used and stored.
  • We recycle various fillers into our tug toys
  • We are always looking for quality products that last so they are not having to be replaced as often as cheaper items that end up in landfill
  • By solely being an online store we reduce our footprint by not having a "bricks and mortar store."
  • Any samples, seconds or surplus stock go to various charities that we support and we have donated stock to RSPCA, the Barkery and Pet Refuge and will continue to do so.

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