Yellow Biothane bows

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In support of Wellington City Council's yellow ribbon initiative for anxious dogs we have created yellow Biothane bows.  Pair these with our yellow leads and collars and harnesses and your dog will be instantly recognisable as one who might not welcome contact.  Unlike ribbon or cloth material these Biothane bows will last for a long time and are easily cleanable.  They are riveted with stainless steel rivets so can go in salt water.

These bows will go on most standard collars and are sold in two sizes for 13-19mm collars and 25mm collars.

A yellow ribbon on a dog’s collar or lead signals to others that they need a little extra space. Any yellow ribbon will do the trick.

It’s important to respect your dog's boundaries, and to communicate these boundaries to others.

A yellow-ribboned dog might be old, disabled, injured; they might be anxious around other dogs or people.

Decreased interactions with others during the COVID-19 lockdowns meant that dogs were separated from other dogs and people.

This reduced interaction, mixed with an inconsistent routine, has contributed to some dogs feeling anxious and fearful of others. Scared dogs, when cornered, may have the tendency to be aggressive.

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