Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

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Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Curved self cleaning slicker features a button that, when pushed, causes the pins to retract and the hair falls away. Comfortable and easy grip handle with stainless steel pins for excellent grooming results with minimal effort.

Grooming is an important and essential way to maintain proper hygiene and overall health in your dog. Benefits of grooming your dog is to maintain healthy skin and beauty.Grooming also allows for the early detection of skin issues. Some skin issues may need to be discussed with your veterinarian.
Shedding of the undercoat is a natural process and occurs through various times of the year depending on the type of dog and environment and can last for up to two months. Short-haired breeds are classified as dogs having hair shorter than 50mm. Long hair breeds are classified as having hair longer than 50mm and should be groomed often to keep the hair healthy.

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