Dog Walking Belt (Dual Anchor Points)

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The Biothane Dog Walking Belt provides dog owners a comfortable, load-dispersing hands-free experience when walking or running with your dog.

Perfect for professional dog trainers, Pack Walkers, and owners of large, active or strong dogs

The belt is made from 2 layers of 50mm wide black Biothane machine stitched together using heavy-duty thread and is incredibly strong.

  • Waterproof
  • Dual anchor points
  • Comfortably secures up to 6 tethers (3 per side)
  • Stainless Steel steel buckle and Dee rings (stainless steel is recommended for saltwater use)
  • Easily attach a food pouch and/or water bottle pouch.

Pair with our walking tethers here

Small to Medium Waist    80cm to 95cm
Medium Large Waist    90cm to 105cm
Large to X-Large Waist    100cm to 120cm

Customer Reviews

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Tiffany Nguyen
My everyday favourite now

I love this walking belt, very sturdy & high quality. I have been looking for a walking belt for a long time and could not find anything that is strong enough for my 50kg Mastiff cross. He is trained and well behaved in general, but still working on his leash reactive issues with other dogs. When he reacts, he can easily pull a 90kg person down on his knee. Being fairly small person myself, it has been stressful walking him and my German Shepherd together in the busy city street.

With this belt on, he cannot easily pull me in his reactive episode anymore. I even manage to run both dogs the same time with the scooter in the busy street in the city without they able to pull me when they get distracted. This has made my day easier and improving our training routine massively. My favourite daily thing now is talking them for a run with the belt.

Walking them with the belt also put my dogs in a calm state of mind, cause there is no negative emotion transferring to them through the lead like using my hand. Thank you for making such an amazing product.

Customer Reviews

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