Demanet Basic Training (Kimono) Bite Suit

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Professional bite suits from Demanet. Designed specifically for Police dog training, military working dog training and ring sport dogs. This type of training requires high quality dog training equipment that protects both the decoy and the dog during rigorous training, scenario and competitions. Bite suits play an integral role in this type of training. Delta Canine are very pleased to offer the finest bite suits available for every type of dog training scenario.


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This basic suit and has a jacket Kimono (designed in the form of a bat) and in such a way that it offers the greatest protection throughout the chest, back, shoulders and arms. It is recommended for large bite dogs. Highly recommended (100%) for Police and Military Working Dogs. Colour customisation is limited to one solid colour for the jacket and one for the pants. A Large ankle allows easy fitting with shoes.

Ordering a Standard Size Suit

  1.  Select size (med, large, x-large)
  2.  Select Jacket colour 
  3.  Select Pants colour 
  4.  Complete  average height and weight sections
  5.  Add to cart

Approximate Standard Sizing:
Medium - 170cm to 177cm / 78kg
Large - 180cm to  188cm / 103kg
X Large - 190cm to 195cm / 115
Custom - Email required Information

Ordering a Custom Size Suit

    1.  Choose size (custom fit)
    2.  Choose Jacket colour 
    3.  Choose Pants colour.
    4.  Complete  average height and weight sections.
    5.  Complete all measurements (refer measuring chart below)
    6.  Add to Cart


bite suit measurements
IMPORTANT: If you are ordering a custom fit suit, please choose custom fit for size and then enter your information in the text boxes. *Please identify custom measurements in cm and double check your measurements as there are no returns, exchanges or refunds on bite suits.

*Bite suits are made to order. Delivery time depends entirely on Demanet.
** this item qualifies for FREE Shipping within NEW Zealand. Shipping outside of NZ will be additional.



 "The Demanet International line of dog protection clothing is simply the best in the world.

 We have been producing the world leading fabric for over twenty years now."

 Henryk Demanet,

 owner and founder of Demanet International


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