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16mm Standard Thickness Biothane Rolls

From $160.21 NZD

**If any colours are out of stock please email us as we may have them by the metre until full rolls arrive in stock.

Standard thickness in Beta coating (softer than Translucent)

Ideal for collars, leads, longlines and small harnesses 

* Break strength value is per inch of width. Example 2″ (50.8mm) is 2000lbs (907.1847kg) or 3/4″ (19.05mm) is 750lbs (340.194kg). ASTM D6775-02
** All Buckle Pull Strength values are based on a 1″ wide specimen. ASTM D4831

Thickness Break Strength (* See above) Buckle Pull Strength (** See above)

.095" - .105",

2.41mm - 2.67mm

1000lbs (453.592kg) 200lbs (90.719kg)


33 colors available

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