Training your dog to wear Rex Specs goggles

Here's some great tips from our mates at Rex Specs to get your dog using and loving their new goggles.

Be sure the goggle introduction is part of a positive experience! Let your dog inspect them instead of forcing them onto their face. Be patient and remember that all dogs are different. Let's get training!

First Sessions 

Introduce the goggles slowly. Start without lenses in goggles and reward with food (or another favourite activity) as the dog progresses through associating the goggles with a positive experience. Have them electively bring their face toward the goggles to receive a reward. Add a "cue" or marker word to this for future training - "Gear Up" is our favourite.

Adding Duration & Straps 

Now that your dog knows their cue, work on duration. Slowly increase the amount of time the goggles are on their face. Once you see they are okay with this, add straps. This may only take a few sessions for some dogs, but for others, several days. Be patient and repeat as needed.

Get Moving 

Let's get moving now that your dog understands the advantage of wearing goggles. The main goal is to add time and movement by having them follow a line of food on the floor, using luring games, or even practicing tricks or obedience. Once your dog digs their specs, pop in those lenses and repeat the training. You won't have to go as slow as before, but the key is ensuring the lens keeps their perception of the new gear the same. Go have fun!

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