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Questions about your Dog’s Eye Health, Answered

Questions about your Dog’s Eye Health, Answered

Donna Rider |

Recreated from our friends at Rex Specs.
July 27, 2020 Written by: Aiden Doane

Cover Image by Drew Mason

Should I be worried about my dog's vision? Does my dog need Rex Specs Dog Goggles? Last week, we asked our Instagram audience all the questions they had about their dogs eyes. Dr. Douglas Esson of Veterinary Ophthalmic Consulting worked with us to get all you all the answers. 

Does a dog's eye color affect how UV light can damage it?

A dog's iris color does not affect how UV light can damage it. Overtime UV light can affect the aging of the lens inside the eye but this is not influenced by the color of the eye itself.

Photo by Drew Smith

My dog has light blue eyes. Should I be worried about sun exposure?

Excessive UV sunlight exposure can potentially predispose to the developments of certain types of cancer around the eye and eyelid tissues, especially in white or merle colored animals which have less pigment so sun protection is always a good idea.

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What can stop tear stains?

Tear staining may be the result of excessive tearing, abrasion of haired tissues against the sensitive cornea, abnormal tear production or impaired drainage via the small nasolacrimal ducts. Identifying the underlying cause will provide the best pathway to treating symptoms.

What's the number one problem you see when it comes to dog's eyes?

Common problems which affect dogs eyes are similar to common problems which affect human eyes. This includes surface corneal ulceration, deficiencies of the tear film, cataracts affecting the lenses, increased pressure or glaucoma and hereditary disease affecting the retinas.

What is Pannus?

Pannus is a term used by breeders to describe primary inflammation which can affect the surface tissues of several breeds of dogs, notably German shepherds, malinois and greyhounds. This disease results in inflammation and pigmentation which if uncontrolled over long periods of time has the potential to result in blindness. Tissues of the third eyelid may also be affected, sometimes being described as a typical pannus but this is in fact not uncommon. Symptoms associated with this disease can easily be treated and managed by a veterinary ophthalmologist.

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When should my dog use Rex Specs Dog Goggles? Can they be used when swimming, mountain biking, or if my dog doesn’t have any underlying conditions?

Protective eye wear like Rex Specs, if properly fitted and well tolerated by your dog, can help protect the surface of their eyes against injury. Eye protection is always a good idea, no matter the case.

When in doubt, protect your dog with Rex Specs goggles and get checked by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist. Here's more information about Eye Conditions on Veterinary Ophthalmic Consulting's website if you want to learn more: