Why Hunting Dogs are Using Rex Specs This Season

Why Hunting Dogs are Using Rex Specs This Season

Another great piece from our friends at Rex Specs

June 14, 2022 Written by: Willie Vernon

Bitter cold, dusty and dry, successful or not - there is one thing that remains unwavering after a day in the field with your dog - the bond. But, keeping your dog healthy throughout hunting season can be tough when drive outweighs self preservation. We caught up with a few of our Ambassadors to discuss the bond they have with their hunting dog and why they are keeping them safe with Rex Specs Goggles this season.

Let's kick things off with an in-depth review from Hunter Pickett on why he likes to use Rex Specs Goggles for his dog, Eazy-E, and what differences he's noticed with the introduction of the V2 Goggle.

Why do you use Rex Specs eye protection with your dog?

I use eye protection for my dogs because Otis has had multiple eye injuries.  Since he’s wore them he hasn’t had another problem...no seeds in the eye, no abrasions.  

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