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Gearing Up: Tips for Ear Pro Training

Gearing Up: Tips for Ear Pro Training

Steve Rider |

From our friends at Rex Specs:
June 06, 2024 Written by: Hannah Moore

You just got your dog’s new Ear Pro in the mail, and you’re stoked. But wait - don’t just shove it on their head! Read on to find out how to desensitize your dog to their new gear, and get tips from the pros.

a dog wearing a hat

Come Prepared
You’re ready to start your first Ear Pro training session. Show up prepared! Come equipped with your dog’s favourite snacks or preferred reward. 

Sniff It Out!
Let your dog sniff out their new gear. Use those tasty snacks to reward them for interacting with the Ear Pro! 

Nose First

Once your dog has had a chance to inspect their Ear Pro, you can begin taking steps to put the gear on. Locate the front of the Ear Pro (where the Rex Specs logo is); the front of the Ear Pro should point toward you. Hold the Ear Pro up so that you can fit your hand and arm through the sleeve. Using treats, lure your dog’s nose into the sleeve. Reward your dog for inserting their nose into the Ear Pro sleeve. Remember - don’t rush it! Keep this process slow.

Dog not used to inserting their nose into new things? Try this!
Grab a plastic cup and cut the bottom off. Cover any sharp edges with tape so no one gets poked. Lure your dog’s nose into the large end of the cup and administer treats from the small end of the cup. By using the cup to help your dog get used to sticking their nose into things, you can eliminate any negative or fearful associations with their new gear, and make training easier.

Gearing Up

Your dog is comfortable sticking their nose into the Ear Pro - awesome! Now you can begin sliding the Ear Pro further over their head and ears. This is the position that the Ear Pro will be worn in during actual use. Once it is slid into position, give your dog an epic reward! A big handful of treats and a lot of praise. What a good dog!

Make sure to remove the Ear Pro and repeat this process until your dog is comfortable having the Ear Pro put on.

Build Duration

Now that your dog knows that putting the Ear Pro on means a hefty reward, start increasing duration. Great ways to build duration while wearing the Ear Pro include feeding your dog their meals in the gear, providing an enrichment feeder or lick mat,  or doing your dog’s favorite activities like tug-of-war or taking a leashed walk. 

Keep It Positive

To keep wearing the Ear Pro a positive experience for your dog, make sure to reward them for putting it on and after taking it off. This will help them get excited each time it comes out! Gear comes out, dog gets reward. Dog wears gear, dog gets reward! If at any point your dog gets stuck, go back to the previous step and practice further.

a dog wearing a helmet