K9 BSD-2 Behaviour shaping device 4 box kit

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K-9 BSD® Complete Behavior Shaping Device Kit Kit comes with everything you need for a 4-box system: One remote reward device with battery charger Push tube Two remote hand-held transmitters Four training containers (one designated as the scent box and the other three as distraction boxes) Four box adapters Three PVC tubes with set rings There is a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all of the following major components: Main trigger solenoid Internal receiver Barrel housing Rear housing Piston spring pack assembly and trigger assembly All other parts and hardware have a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty is void on any damaged parts caused by improper use, water damage, heat damage or stripped screw holes. Buyer is responsible for any shipping charges for returns made after 90 days. NOTE: This item is not held in stock and will be ordered on request. Picture shown is device only. This product allows the handler to be independent from the delivering the reward. This equals true prey to the dog while at the same time allowing the trainer control of the reinforcement to shape the desired behavior. The dog also self-discovers that the reward comes from the source of the odour. The K-9 BSD can be used to train both passive and aggressive responses quickly and accurately by allowing the trainer instant timing of the active reward directly from the target odour source. This is more closely aligned to the principles of Operant conditioning. It is recommended that a variety of rewards, such as a towel, tennis ball, Kong or rubber ball, be used once the dog is ready for training the desired response.

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